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Laser cut frameless stencils

Usefull information: sablony

Data – For the laser cut frameless stencils we accept data in Gerber 274x or in SXF format.

Stencil name – The name is unique identifier for the client. It is engraved on the bottom side of the stencil „ PCB side“. The font high is 8mm, the line width 0,2mm and max.25 characters. If requested, the text is possible to cut through. But it is necessary to specify which of the sides shall be readable.

Format type – It is necessary to specify precisely for what format will be stencil used /Uniprint, Zeflex, Quatroflex../ In case of a non standard format it is necessary to deliver drawings or data in the production documents .

Data orientation - It is necessary to specify from the squeegee view/top/ or the board view. In case, that one of the sides is mirrored, it must be clearly specified. It is possible to send data with levels specified for the PCB production which specify the orientation.

Corrections - Paste layer is atomically centred according to required or supplied format. If data correction is required, it must be clearly specified./ pads reduction, pads shape change, pads split / Otherwise the stencil will be produced without data change.

Fiducially - it is engraved from the pcb side. It is necessary to specify its amount or to supply in separate layer. Their position is clear from the supplied data. It is possible to cut them through, as well.

Material - For the stencils production is used stainless steel material of thickness: 100,120,150,175 and 200 microns.

Technical possibilities :

Max. size: 600 x 600
Thickness: 100-200um
Minimal pad: 40um
Position accuracy: +/- 8um
Angle accuracy: <6 arcs sec