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Providing PCBs assembly


Assembling of the PCBs by surface mounting technology and by through-hole technology( wave soldering, manual soldering).


At your request, we can measure and test subassemblies, assemblies, modules or final products using software and hardware that you provide. We offer the product finalization( mounting various parts within the enclosure, wire harnesses) and packing for the final customer.

Detailed information about surface mount technology
• solder paste or glue applying through the metal stencil
• max. size for printed motive: 320x230mm
• using PB free solder paste or glue (in accordance with PCB design)
• SMD packed in case from 0603,0805,1206,… to PLCC, QFP - 0,5 mm

Required documentations delivered by the customer
• assembly drawing with part orientation
• bill of material
• non standard mounting specification
• coordinates for machine ( Pick & Place file) – only for SMT


SMT - surface mount technology
SMD - surface mount device
THT - through-hole technology